Friday, February 24, 2006


The following is from Sharon Svec, who helped me make the first CESL Podcast today. Basically we recorded a simple listening exercise, which we hope to put on the web so that students can download it to an iPod or use it at their convenience. This is more information about what a podcast is.

RSS is Really Simple Syndication
an RSS file must be made to work with the podcast.

These are two sites that were recommended to learn more about RSS and how to upload podcasts.
This site is a syndication provider.

So podcasts use RSS feeds. This is the same technology that drives
blogs. This is the same technology that is used, for example, on the
CNN website. On the left menu of the home page, there is a link for
RSS feeds and for Podcasts. I believe the main difference between
these two links (other than possible content) is that podcasts are

I encourage your faculty to subscribe to some podcasts, or at least
explore the world of, and then to think about how they can incorporate
this into their classes. An especially useful facet of the technology
is that students can use a podcast of the class lecture as a
supplement to learning. So they can attend the class, then review the
lecture later on a podcast to revisit subjects that may have not been
completely grasped initially. Also, documents, such as pdfs could be

A podcast is generally subscribed to (usually free) so the user does
not even have to download the 'cast' every day, the software will
download it automatically once subscribed.

I strongly recommend these two links for your faculty.
They are very straight forward and clearly outline the educational
benefits of podcasting.

I would also recommend that anyone who has iTunes follow these steps to experience a podcast:

1. go to Music Store on menu at left of iTunes interface
2. Then click on Podcasts which will be listed as a link on the left
side of the music store.
3. Scroll in the window until you find the search engine and search
for: SIU

MCMA has some podcasts up already!

Or most appealing will be for 1st time users to search WHATEVER
interests them. There will likely be a podcast that will relate.
here is the link to download iTunes for free: Windows or Mac

quicktime and windows media player will play podcasts as well.

The podcast 411 link provides alot of information about podcasting.

... WOW that was a mouthful.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Welcome to 061

...and Happy New Year.

-We are considering getting into Podcasting...know anything? Stay tuned to the main ceslstudents website.

-there was an orientation in which teachers were encouraged to make weblogs...watsamatter? too busy? Weblogs are good for your soul.

-Trying to organize the listening on the web...this may go onto weblogs also. You will be given to download a file. How to open up Real One from the Applications folder (in the LMC). How to then open your file & listen. How to make a listening ex. and put it in the file!