Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SIUC reunion, Mar. 2007

I forgot to bring a report to this weblog. At TESOL, the SIUC reunion was held, unfortunately, just as the SIUC basketball team was losing its tragic Sweet-16 loss at the NCAA tournament. Nevertheless we Salukis were proud of our team, and proud to be there at that moment.

The list of SIUC Ling. alumni is being updated, and as a result, lots of people contacted us when we sent out the message for the reunion. We heard from Norb Heuther, Denise (Zutter) Cevela, Nelly (Corbit) Smith, Danielle Barter, Kim Andrus, Margi Wald and Kevin McKelvey- all wish good tidings to Salukis!

John O'Neil and Rene Paulin wrote to say that Mike Trepiak had died. We will remember Mike, who helped us with the web pages in early days.