Friday, December 10, 2004


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'Blog' wins place of note in lexicon and consciousness, Roanoke (VA) Times.

week 7

Another term drawing to a close...we have some virtual tours, a lot of music; in sum, a mixed bag, success and failure, fear and conquering of fear; professional English and somewhat haphazard, technology-induced missteps. The process is one of learning to present in both a new culture and a new medium, and it's more difficult for teachers who are not comfortable in the new medium and in some cases have no intention of becoming that way....but hey- it's a new world...we who have entered at a time when we have to write "a href" in order to make a link will soon be the old-timers.

For an all-around interesting group of students, this time go to AE1 and start going into students' weblogs; there's good music all over the program; the best virtual tours are still coming, but Istanbul and New Orleans in my book are pretty good...take a look! Mine is Carbondale, but I'm still working on it...enjoy!