Friday, May 22, 2009

new web sites

SIUC has now switched the entire cesl webpage system. Instead of, we are now Old webpages like are now redirected automatically to

There are a number of results of this, and things to remember. First, the weblogs aren't affected. They are on Blogger (Google territory); they didn't change. CESL has about 40 weblogs (all have blogspot in the URL) but over 300 webpages. The webpages all changed.

First, you should change all your bookmarks. SIUC has said they will redirect indefinitely, and probably they will. But the new URL is the real one; the old one is gone, really. Try to use the new one. And remember- it's SIUC, not SIU!

Second, business cards? Brochures? Messages? Links? One at a time, we have to change them all. It's not so bad if we do it a little at a time.

Finally, help CESL keep an eye out for broken links, etc. This huge number of pages is in constant need of upgrading and repair in general. Any way anyone can help, please do! We'd love to link to you and your country, just on general principle, anyway!

-Tom Leverett, CESL webmaster


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