Monday, September 13, 2004


to GE and EAP1, the newest classes with class weblogs. They
each have links to various students, so it's beginning to
get interesting to "forage" around for interesting things to
read. I encourage everyone to make one, and enjoy it. We'd
like to see what you have, what you write, what you link to.

I've added links to the classes on the sidebar. If you want
to link to them yourself, just go in there (click on "template,"
scroll down), copy the link lines, and put them on your own.
You may have to experiment a little to be sure you have them
in the right place. Each of us has learned how to do this...
the hard way. But eventually, you can link to the
to CESL to your friends...even link to some good
music! That's what other people do!

Take care and happy weblogging!