Monday, August 22, 2005

welcome back!

Wonder what you missed? If you haven't been checking the weblogs, maybe I can help you...

-cesl students did a number of projects on weblogs, including one on the violent deer incidents that very strangely affected Carbondale in June. Some of these were group weblogs and came off the Newstalk weblog in 054; also take a look at Carbondale Halloween, the WalMart controversy and cellphones & driving....

-upper level students are perfecting the art of making online portfolios, but need some work in linking references. The bad news is that having macs forces us to learn basic html in order to do this. The good news is that html is a universally simple and useful language and we're all language teachers.

-I've been working on mobrolls. Take a look at my homepage. Soon I'll put one on the students' page, or maybe this one. What do you think?
Got this idea from Joi Ito.

-Students did an interesting project on web design in AE2....take a look! Interested in colors & culture?

-Tom Leverett