Friday, November 04, 2005


Welcome to 056! Time marches on. This weblog is not main street. But here are some developments:

1. Check out the virtual cigar. Congratulations to Colin and Lourdes!! Hope it's still lit when you finally come around to check it out...

2. Welcome, Liz!

3. Some pretty nice virtual tours of New York can take that virtual carriage over there on the left. But you'll notice there are a lot of summary-responses interspersed in there. We're still learning the difference between the class weblog and the personal portfolios...

4. Once again, weblogs score at TESOL...people want to know how to use them, do them, etc.

5. Tom (yours truly) & Jessica are working on an online conference presentation, This is your class: this is your class on weblogs!...come visit the site!

6. I'm studying teacher's relationships with learning with the new we use the LMC much? at all? are we using it to its full potential?? is that possible? etc. any input is welcome.


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