Thursday, June 16, 2005


The Help CESL page has become the center of a number of projects, because eventually we'd like to see a number of these things done, and they have to have some visual representation before people can move forward on them.

For example, the foreign language pages are laughably machine-translated (garbled), but until we see how bad they are, how can we make better ones? Some don't even have the new template; others, like the Arabic one, are just dreams, or gif files sitting in my e-mail. Now, if someone wants to run with it, maybe it can get done.

Take a look! If you have ideas for this page, let us know...the idea here is to use our resources more effectively, to make a place where, if alumni are interested and want to get involved, they can easily find something to do. If people are willing and able to help, at least give them a shot at it.

For the web marketing survey (in its planning stages also), what kinds of questions do you think we should be asking???


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