Monday, October 18, 2004

Great weblogs

With the end of the term it's time to reflect on what has passed before us.

There really are a number of great weblogs out there, and they reflect a number of things.

The first is that CESL students are gaining technological proficiency, whether it is being able to upload a picture, or make a link, or even make a paragraph look good in a new medium.

The second is that a number of them have made entire portfolios....these represent the finished product of a lot of work. In other words, each paper shows how they struggled, rewrote, found sources, made a reference, etc. So in that sense these papers represent what we can do academically as well as what we are proud enough of to show the world.

Finally, CESL students had fun learning and travelling around, which is beginning to be reflected in their various posts and in CESL Today, which is drawn from the weblogs.

On to another term! Feel free to post here; this is yours too. Welcome Richie! I'll get you linked in a minute!



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