Tuesday, October 05, 2004


As the term comes to an end I can see that different weblogs are turning out different ways, and that's not all bad. I think that as the students get into it, some will use them more, and others will consistently shy away from them. Getting people permanently connected and permanently used to expressing themselves in public is difficult even for native speakers.

The poetry contest appears to have been a success; just read the poems. The questions we should be asking are: To what degree are our students reading more, participating more, communicating with each other more, becoming more aware of the changing world that we're living in? Are these weblogs helping them learn this kind of participation? How difficult has it been to teach them to use passwords, upload, make links, etc.?

Then again, how many of us are still working on these things?

We'll see how many of them are beyond us, and maybe we'll see how far beyond.


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